Gypsie Remedies

An alphabetical (growing) collection of natural remedies that I love….

Colds – Humidifier, natural chest rub on the soles of the feet, sleep on an incline (baby on mums chest), warmth, steamy bathroom for 20 minutes before bed

Cold sores – Ear wax directly on it, as soon as possible

Earaches – Garlic oil in the ear. Ive done this it works a treat. My dear friend Di swears by it for her grand kiddies

Morning Sickness – eat eat eat eat – your body needs fuel, ginger, ginger tea

Skin – Rub strawberries on your face as a mask, let dry and wash off

Throat – Gargle salt, suck on rock salt, honey, cinnamon, drink warm onion juice (sautee then drink)

Address the emotional cause for the physical ailment!

Have a natural remedy? Send it in and Ill add it to the list.