Gypsy Freelance

Gypsy ~ One inclined to a nomadic, unconventional way of life. One who travels from place to place. Gypsies are associated in the common imagination with a wild and free life separate from rigid society.

Welcome to Gypsy Freelance. Amongst these pages you will find opinions, information, workshops, items to buy and personal shares about my passions; Natural Parenting, Natural Living, Attachment Parenting, Elimination Communication, A Life of Learning, Natural Birth and Mothering. This site will be always evolving; updates will be frequent and the material will just grow. Waiting until it was perfect would of course take a lifetime…especially if I endeavor to learn each day! So here it is, ready or not, in its first incarnation.

As for me, Ive done enough work on myself now that I am comfortable with where I’m at, where Ive been and the hellish long road ahead to where I’d love to be. I no longer search for the missing part of myself as a daily endeavor, or a must have to be happy. I love my friends, I have lots and they all provide love and support for me as a friend in their own individual ways. The gift in not having been bonded solely to one from birth has given me the ability to meet so many and build special relationships with each person.  I may never have the fullest cup or all of the emotional characteristics of secure attachment; I may need the occasional reminder that I am loved, but all in all I am one happy camper, in a camper, with my darling man and my gorgeous girl, who will hopefully gain as a result of my experience and subsequent inquiry.

I love to write. I am, however, not a writer. I cant make things sound scientific or poetic or construct clever witty rhetoric. But rather than never saying anything for fear of not saying it correctly, Ill just write what I know to be true, the way I say it and the way I see it. It is simply food for thought. I encourage everyone to research for themselves and to find what is true for you, without the need to have to justify yourself to anyone. I would love to share my site with you; I only ask the same in return. My goal is not to preach, not to judge, and not to isolate but to simply share what I love, what others ask of me and what I am passionate about. Its to continue my endeavor to be vulnerable and allow others to be vulnerable, as this is true strength. Most people would say I have unconventional social habits. This suits me just fine.

Learn more about me here, and enjoy! Much love.

Below are the posters for the current workshops I am holding, please click on the picture for more information.

APRIL – EC Workshop

EC workshop

EC workshop

Download 112 Reasons to EC Your Baby

MAY- Sacred Mother Workshop

COMING SOON – Attachment Parenting Workshop. Register your interest here.